How is high quality memory foam pillow better than general memory foam pillow?

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How is high quality memory foam pillow better than general memory foam pillow?

2 Things which tell the quality of memory foam pillow are density and temperature sensitivity. It is not wrong to say “The higher the density of memory foam, the better the quality is”. Density of memory foam pillow is measured as mass per unit. In general, we use lb/ft3 as a standard unit of measure. There are 3 categories of memory foam pillow density, high density (>5 lb/ft3) medium density (<5 lb/ft3 and >3 lb/ft3) and low density (<3 lb/ft3). It is not necessary that high density memory foam pillow must provide firmness. Density and firmness of memory foam pillows do not correlate. High density memory foam can be softer than low density memory foam. However, the high density memory foam is always heavier than low density memory foam, as it is required more foam material to produce high density memory foam pillow. 

5 Benefits of high density memory foam pillows:

1.     Better Support low density memory foam has larger air pocket in the foam and this makes the foam springs back quicker. While higher density memory foam has the opposite characteristic which gives the high density memory foam remain the supporting shape longer.

2.     Lower pressure high density memory foam can better mold to the shape of your neck and your head. The more density the pillow, the more contacting area of the pillow and your neck/head. The larger the contacting area between your body and your pillow, the less the pressure is.

3.     Unrivaled support and ultimate comfort from the above 2 points high density memory foam pillows provide better sleep quality

4.     High durability and long life high concentration of foam material makes the foam structure breaks down slower than low concentration from repetitive use

5.     Heavier high density memory foam pillow requires more foam material to produce

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