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2 Things which tell the quality of memory foam pillow are density and temperature sensitivity. It is not wrong to say “The higher the density of memory foam, the better the quality is”.

Generally, people sleep in 3 positions, on your back, on your side and on your stomach. Sleep on your stomach can cause damage on your neck and your back, so you should avoid sleeping on your stomach. The proper sleeping positions are sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side. However, when we get older we may experience neck pain even we sleep on the proper positions. If this is the case, proper pillows are needed to reduce neck pain

keep the foam away from direct sunlight and heat

It is easy for most people to buy luxury clothes, luxury bags and luxury shoes to make themselves look good, and even select expensive clean foods to stay healthy, but they tend to overlook buying adequately supported pillows (even selecting wrong pillows can severely damage their health).

Office syndrome is mainly found in office workers which sit or remain in the same position for a long period of time, including sit in a wrong posture. However, office syndrome can be prevented.

Memory foam was developed in the 1970s by Japanese scientist of NASA's Ames Research Center

Seat cushions provide your back the much-desired support while sitting. While most of us are not really aware of it, the support received from seat cushions takes away a lot of load from our tailbones.

keep the foam away from direct sunlight

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