Neck pillow: Neck one


2-step memory foam neck pillow that allows your neck and head to lean comfortably over a long journey


  • Was selected by Huapood website for the good neck pillow in 2020
  • Made of premium quality memory foam which was originated by NASA
  • 28 cm x 25.5 cm x 10 cm (length x width x height)
  • Special 2-step design of Memoe Neck one does not offer support for neck tilt from side to side but provides total comfort whether your head leans forward or to the side. This reduces neck pain while sleep upright.
  • The right thickness at the back of Memoe Neck one does not offer forward head posture while using.
  • Memoe Neck one can soften in reaction to body temperature and mold to your warm neck and head in a few minutes. So it can decrease your neck pain and headache from pressure sore. This soothes any pain over a long journey.
  • With higher density than traditional memory foam neck pillow, Memoe Neck one will better mold to the shape of your neck and your head and provides you sufficient relaxation throughout a journey.
  • Memoe Neck one can conform the shape of your neck so your air passages operate without obstruction. This helps reduce snoring.
  • Open cell structure promotes airflow, reduces unpleasant smell, and reduces heat
  • Dust mite protection
  • “Right firmness”, not too hard and not too soft
  • Long life
  • Then your long journey will be shorter than before when bringing Memoe Neck one with you on your next special trip.
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